A.E.Rondeau Real Estate was founded over 47 ago years by Albert E. Rondeau, Jr. in 1965 opened and operated his first real estate office in his Appleton Street home for many years. In 1975 the present day office located on the corner of Appleton Street and Clarendon Street was opened. Al became a driving force working with city officials to revitalize the South End and worked with local banks for mortgage financing in what is the largest contiguous area of Victorian Row Houses in the United States. Along with other community members, his leadership, foresight, dedication and motivation, led to the renaissance of the South End.
Today his legacy continues, in 2010 A.E.Rondeau Real Estate became Rondeau-Tierney Real Estate, as Brian D. Tierney who has been in the business for over 30 years takes over the ownership of the business. Rondeau-Tierney Real Estate continues to focus on the strong foundation and commitment to their clients, neighborhood and one-on-one service as they have steadily maintained their independence. They are one of the area’s premier independent real estate agencies, serving the South End, Back Bay and all of Boston’s diverse neighborhoods. Their team of professional real estate agents is experienced, knowledgeable and has exemplified a steadfast commitment to service, creativity and hard work. They are fully committed to providing their clients with the most thorough and detailed service. Being a boutique agency they are not associated with a large national agency or franchise which puts them in the unique position of being able to customize their marketing efforts for each property. Rondeau-Tierney Real Estate does not use boilerplate marketing and are able to be as flexible and creative as the property demands. Their solid reputation and respect within the community ensures that the properties they represent will be exposed to the most qualified buyers.
While the South End real estate market has grown enormously in value and complexity since A.E. Rondeau Real Estate opened in 1965, one thing remains the same – Rondeau-Tierney Real Estate commitment to understanding clients individual needs and providing exceptional real estate services.
They are active members of professional associations and proudly support many local community organizations.

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